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Five Ways to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

Winter brings frosty mornings, beautiful scenery and toasty open fires. Many households hike up their heating from October to April, which means higher energy consumption and bills as people struggle to keep their homes warm and insulated.

There are some tricks that you can use to help keep your home warmer for longer. We look at five of the most effective ways to keep your home warmer.

Windows and doors

People don’t realise the amount of energy they could be losing through old windows and doors. Age, wear and tear and poor installation mean you could unknowingly be losing up to 30% of your homes heat. Resulting in rising energy costs for your household.

However, installing modern smart windows and doors can minimise this. Consider investing into new windows and doors. Ensure the design incorporates double-glazed units and thermally insulating glass. Modern windows have smart technology to help them uphold their heat, such as argon and krypton gas within cavities and low conductivity spacer bars that cut cold transfer to the inner pane.

This can result in an 80% increase in energy savings compared to single glazing, and a 45% increase in savings compared to ordinary double-glazing, which will have quite an impact on keeping your home warm and your energy bills low.


It sounds so simple, but many people forget to open and close their curtains every day. Opening them during the daytime will let the sunlight naturally warm up your home.

On the other hand, close your curtains in the evening to help prevent your heat from escaping, you could even double up on your curtains with extra drapes – stylist yet practical.

Thick insulated curtain fabric will also minimise heat loss as the extra layers in the lining will keep the cold out and the warm in.

Move your furniture

Re-thinking your homes décor can make a big difference in keeping your home warm. Make sure nothing is blocking your radiators, including sofas and furniture.

Often people place sofas and furniture in front of radiators without realising that it will absorb the heat and prevent it from warming the rest of the room.

Think about laying down rugs on your floor, not only will they look great and feel cosy on your feet, they will act as an additional barrier to stop heat from escaping through the floors.

Smart thermometer

These nifty pieces of tech are changing the thermostat game. They can sync with your tablet or smartphone and allow you to alter your heat settings from anywhere. The smart technology can also monitor your comings and goings without you even needing to do anything! They will give you energy reports and guide you towards being more efficient and economical with your heating.

Thermal Wallpaper

Thermal wallpaper is slightly thicker than normal wallpaper and is effective at keeping your rooms warm by helping them retain their heat. Just like normal wallpaper you can get a variety of colours, patterns and textures so you don’t have to compromise on style.

These little tricks and techniques will help you keep your home warm this winter and will even help reduce your bills – win, win if you ask us!

To find out more about smart window technology, get in contact here.

Hardwood french doors Cheshire